The Lincoln Central Mosque & Cultural Centre is run by the Islamic Association of Lincoln and is situated in the county of Lincolnshire, which is in the East Midlands. (View map)

The Islamic Association of Lincoln (IAL) is a registered charity (Charity Reg. No.  1179846, formerly 1090992). Our objectives are to promote Islam to Muslims and non-Muslims as well as increasing the awareness of Islam in the community.

It is important particularly in this current political climate; that we project a true image of Islam to non-Muslims. Over the past few years we have had over 15 people who have converted to Islam. Lincoln has the largest Muslim community in Lincolnshire, which is the second largest county in the UK. We have links with other Muslim communities in the County such as Boston and Louth. We are keen to develop our networks in the county in order to promote unity and brotherhood.

We recently completed our mosque project and would like to sincerely thank our community for their help on this noble project.